Frequently Asked Questions for Your Cooking Event or Competition

Time plan of your cooking event or cooking competition

We will welcome you with a reception of about 30 minutes. The apéritif is included in our flat-rate price. A glass of sparkling wine and our home-made nibbles will be waiting for you.

We will then introduce you to all the recipes that you had chosen beforehand. The bigger your group is, the larger the amount of different dishes. You are the cooks! Wherever support is needed, we will be right there for you.

Now, it is time to split up your whole group into smaller teams (please find details below of how you can build these smaller teams). If you have chosen our cooking competition option, we will introduce you to the six criterias that we judge all small teams on.

Let's start cooking now - as before you arrived, we had equipped all the cooking station with the cooking tools and the food. The cooking process lasts 75 minutes for all the smaller team, also for the dessert group who will be putting their dishes either in the oven by now or cool them down until it's time to eat them.

We now only have to arrange all our dishes on the buffet, if you have chosen the buffet option - or serve the different dishes if you have chosen our seasonal menue option of different courses (example here autumn-winter) or our Christmas menue. And finally, the dining pleasure of your self-produced dishes will start for you while our team will take care of the washing up.

About 45 minutes after eating the savoury dishes, we will prepare the sweet finish. And if you have chosen the cooking competition option, we will now do the ranking of the teams. However, there will be plenty of time left to just sit together, enjoy coffee, wine or digestives, and have a good chat.


Duration of a cooking event or cooking competition 

With us, the time that you spend in our studio is 4.5 hours. If needed, this duration can be shortened down to 3.5 hours or extended.


Forming the smaller cooking teams

How can the smaller teams, cooking the individual dishes, be formed? You can choose: 

  • lottery draw (prepared by Cuisiniera)
  • after being introduced to all the recipes, the participiants can choose themselves
  • the organizing committee of your company might want to put the smaller cooking teams together

Final number of participiants

For our event planning (number of staff & food orders) and also for you final invoice, we need, as set out in our terms & conditions, your final number of participiants 10 days before your event. Please send this information to: . Please also mention the amount of men/women.


Vegetarian eaters, allergic reactions to specific food & special diets 

Please also send this very important information of your group 10 days before your event to:



We have published our flat-rate prices here - also mentioning the included details. To sum it up, only 2 positions are not included in the flat-rate price:

  • 8% VAT tax
  • the alcoholic beverages that you would like to drink while cooking and afterwards (so, included in the price is a glass of sparkling wine when you arrive as well as mineral water, coffee, tea).


Parking lots

Our cooking studio is here, only 5 walking minutes from Zurich main station. Being so central, it was impossible for us to get parking lots. However, for a brief stop (to unload or to load), you can use our courtyard, the Hornerstrasse. You get here by heading for the entrance of the Hotel City.

The cheapest parking in the immediate surrounding is Gessnerallee/City Parking. You will get there in 5 minutes by using Hornerstrasse, Löwenstrasse and then cross the little bridge taking you across the Sihl and walk through the backyard of the restaurant Reithalle.


Further questions

Our terms & conditions provide more information on the following topics:

  • contract/order confirmation
  • adjustments to confirmed orders
  • corkage fees
  • payment options
  • cancelling fees

Please do not hesitate to call us onto 043 497 27 82, in case we could not answer all your questions on this site!

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